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The companies with the best professionals will be successful. We offer tailored solutions for your organisation for finding the best talents reliably, quickly and cost-effectively.



Talent Pro Oy is a reliable partner in supplying customized and/or expert interim manager services for changes within businesses, growth and development or in re-structuring of a company. Our main objective is to join companies with interim managers and experts, with top-level expertise, experience and with the critical skills from the industry that fits the task. By aligning the unique requirements of companies, communities and organizations with the skills and expertise of our interim managers, we create added value for both the companies and for our interims. Our commitment, understanding of our customers' needs, and our unwavering realization of our promises, are our fundamental traits.


Furthermore, Talent Pro's sister company, Talent Hunters Oy, specializes in Executive Search Solutions, which creates a robust synergy that harmoniously integrates Interim Services and Executive Search Services to provide optimal support and exceptional outcomes for our clients.

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The Interim Management service is a flexible, risk-free, cost-effective solution for the company's demanding change situations.

The interim manager/specialist works part of the customer company's organization and manages the company, business, or change phase, or, for example, a project for a fixed period of time.

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The most important value of changeable interim management is often an innovation. The company demands a new direction, new ideas, expertise or a new kind of culture. For example, changing a business organization's operations or operating methods (transition from a stonefront enterprise to a digitized online business) may be the use of an interim manager. When the distressing change phase is over, the interim manager will ensure that the resistance and the mourning stage will move towards to a contemporary corporate culture.



The demand and the need for interim managers are constantly growing and mirror the requirements of our time. The managers are experienced professionals who solve challenging demands and assignments. They fill the skills or resource shortages when the current organization have difficulties in managing the tasks or hiring a permanent resource is impossible.

The interim management is a fast, flexible and a cost-effective solution. They bring the necessary experience and expertise for the organization's needs. The interim manager is in charge of the labor market trend, where the tasks change are project-oriented or time limited and part-time.

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Jan Ahlroth

Executive Consultant

+358 41 319 9335

Annele Bergman

Executive Consultant

+358 50 378 5259

Timo Mehto

Executive Consultant

+358 40 767 7415

Mia Frölander-Ulf

Senior Business Development & Executive Consultant

+358 50 320 1271

Tinja Turkia


+358 50 394 7725

Sami Lehto

Senior Partner

+358 50 525 7755

Stefan Bergman

Executive Consultant

+358 50 357 3718

Jukka Tuli

Executive Consultant

+358 40 741 7330

Carl Nykopp

Executive Consultant

+358 40 844 9298

Niina Karjalainen

Senior Researcher

+358 40 508 6888

Mae Lehto


+358 40 160 1008

Petri Nordlund

Senior Partner

+358 40 551 7776

Jan Bjugg

Executive Consultant

+358 40 057 0560

Tapio Hänninen

Executive Consultant

+358 40 835 8920

Juha Porkka

Executive Consultant

+358 40 501 3454

Taru Lehto

Research Manager

+358 40 055 1018

Ville Valonen

Senior Partner

+358 40 486 0519

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