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Increasing the promotion of work-related immigration

Finland, a country famous for its high quality of life and attractive welfare state system, is struggling to fill labor shortages amid an aging population. This scenario is being quickly transformed into concrete action; the government, cities, and labor unions are now waking up to the challenges Finland faces in promoting successful work-related immigration .

Unfortunately, other Nordic and European countries face a similar quandary, as an aging population has been a fact for many years. Consider Sweden, which attracts 50 000 immigrants per year, versus Finland, which attracts only 15 000 international talents per year.

Let's talk about a talented person. He or she is typically a highly educated individual with work experience and a network of contacts in the host country or the country where they lived. This talent is most likely over 30 years old. This talent's age suggests they may have a family with children and a spouse. To keep this talent in Finland, the spouse must also find work in a field related to their previous work experience in a flexible job that allows both spouses to work and advance their careers in Finland.

Talent Pro is a professional partner that can enable enterprises to organize a flexible solution, which provides multinational job opportunities. Interim management is a versatile opportunity for Finland to attract, relocate, and retain talent with global experience to address the local manpower shortage in skilled jobs.

Let´s talk more about interim solutions for international talent recruitment.

Mae Lehto

Talent Pro Oy



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