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Interim Management in Europe

Although the number of female interim managers has increased over the past ten years, the field of interim managers is still dominated by men. The governmental sector employs a sizable percentage of female interims (41%), and the private sector employs 19%. Interims are often independent professionals with a career that has lasted more than 7 years, with an average age of roughly 54 years old. However, a growing number of interim managers begin their careers in their 30s, and an even greater number are continuing into their 70s.

The corporate sector employs the majority of interims, followed by the public sector, and nonprofit organizations employ only 6.1%.

Interims are employed in a variety of industries. The leading industries are healthcare, medical or pharmaceutical, technology, IT, telecom, and business and professional services. Interims are typically hired as consultants, directors (CFO, CIO, COO), project or program managers, or department heads.

According to the INIMA survey 2021, the six functions associated with interims are general management, which accounted for more than 31% of the total, with the remaining 10% focusing on operations, human resources, finance, information technology, and sales. The majority of the assignments focused on the client's change management, process optimization, business development, and project development. These are typically C-level or higher positions.

Northern European countries such as Germany, Austria, France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland have full-time contracts with a single company. Due to the small size of the companies in southern Europe, such as Spain and Italy, most interims work part-time. Interims, on the other hand, are assigned to all types of businesses, from startups to large corporations.

In Europe, the average duration of an interim assignment is 11.6 months, or approximately 143 days, a decrease from the peak year of 2014. Interim daily rates range from 300€ to 2000€ per day (the survey in 2020 was around 500€ to 1000€ per day). The rates vary depending on the country, sector, client size, national economies, and national IM markets. According to the survey, Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, and France have daily rates that exceed 1000 euros. Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain are more moderate but still charge more than 500 euros per day.

Mae Lehto

Talent Pro Oy



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