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The Economy is growing...Are you ready?

According to the latest forecasts by Osuus Pankki bank, it is estimated that the Finnish economy will begin to show strong growth this year, and next year. According to the bank's forecast, the Finnish economy grow 3.3 percent this year, and 3 percent next year.

As predicted by Nordea bank, the growth rate of the global economy will accelerate to almost the fastest pace in nearly 50 years, as the covid restrictions are lifted. Nordea also expects the economy to grow at a rate of 3% both this year and next.

Nordea estimates that Finland will quickly return to the situation where labor supply will be considered the biggest obstacle for growth.

How do we ensure, without risk, during the oncoming autumn, that the obstacles for the growth of our companies is not the lack of experts or professionals, or too late reactions to the market changes? Things to consider:

  • The market will be employee driven (salary demands will rise), the company reputation as an employer, personnel policy, future expectancy among others, will play a significant role in attracting the best people.

  • "Early bird catches the worm", an old saying that is still very much valid. The companies that can react to market changes earlier, will lead the race from pole position and will thereby benefit the most. Obtaining experts while everyone else is searching, is more difficult and/or more expensive.

  • The challenges/opportunities brought by digitalization, utilizes the digital experiences which the current pandemic situation has created in the working environment and customer care.

  • For years, there has been much discussion about coder shortages, but the problem grows even more prominent when you consider the entire IT field. Companies seeking digital solutions are increasingly in need of solid partners.

  • If you are doubting recruitment, an alternative solution could "renting" a person for the first six months before making a final decision of recruiting. This speeds up the process for both parties with a "honorable" termination or conclusion of a probationary period, compared to traditional termination. The “try-out period” serves as the best test for the task at hand, and a good review of the suitability to the organization.

  • Choose a reliable and experienced partner who can offer many options and models for finding skilled professionals. The cooperation works best when both parties are committed to the cooperation, and ready to go the extra mile if needed.

Let us set up a date, and let us have a discussion about how we can work together, to ensure that the growth of your company is not affected by the lack of skilled professionals.

Best regards,

Petri Nordlund

Talent Pro Oy

040 551 7776


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